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What cosplay would you most like to see this summer? 

20 deviants said Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter)
13 deviants said Princess Bubblegum (Adventure Time)
10 deviants said Serena (Pokemon)
8 deviants said More Lucy (Elfen Lied)
8 deviants said Aurora High Cosplay
6 deviants said Something else~ (Please comment and tell me your ideas!) ^^
5 deviants said Maya (Ace Attorney)
4 deviants said Touko/White (Pokemon)
3 deviants said Chibi Romano (Hetalia)

Aurora High

Aurora High is a school for colours~ Basically all of my original characters are based on colours. There are a lot of colours, so I thought I'd do a list of them all x3
Also, a note. Nearly all colours have a male and female counterpart, but they aren't necessarily related or anything~
All are created by me and SuperRetro126~ :heart:

Maizy - Sun on a Winters Day by AmphyRainbows
Name: Maizy
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Hazel
Height: 5"7
Favourite Clothing: Baggy jumpers
Family: Amber (Younger sister)
Friends: Jade, Violet, Sunny
Personality: Fun-loving, mischievous, funny, clumsy, a good friend, has wacky ideas~
Crush: Maroon

Name: Sunny
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Brown
Height: 5"8
Favourite Clothing: Outrageously terrible jumpers
Friends: Jasper, Maizy, Jade, Violet
Personality: Funny, optimistic, gullible, kind
Crush: Candy

Jade - Secret Gamer by AmphyRainbows
Name: Jade
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair Colour: Auburn
Eye Colour: Green
Height: 5"8
Favourite Clothing: Green dress and bronze jewellery
Friends: Maizy, Violet, Amber, Sunny
Family: A high ranking military father
Hobbies: Maths, Science, Homework, Gun collecting, CoD and other first person shooters.
Personality: Sensible, a bookworm, bossy, a good friend, calm (usually), completely not calm in any romantic situation, has a hidden temper
Crush: Nobody. Especially not Forest.

Name: Forest
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Green
Height: 6"2
Favourite Clothing: Small spectacles and beige trousers
Hobbies: Computer programming, Maths, Science, Homework, Star Wars, WoW, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Portal, Minecraft
Personality: Quiet, intimidating, studious, intelligent, aloof

Violet the Artist by AmphyRainbows
Name: Violet
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair Colour/Style: Brown, tied with a ribbon
Eye Colour: Indigo
Height: 5”5
Favourite Clothing: Purple hair ribbon
Friends: Maizy, Jade, Amber, Sunny, Mauve
Hobbies: Painting, Animals, Looking after her pet fox, Art in general, Violin, Piano, daydreaming
Personality: Easy going, absent minded, talented, fun, quiet, quirky
Catch phrase: “That would be so uncool…”
Crush: ???

Name: Mauve
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Hair Colour/Style: Brown with a ponytail
Eye Colour: Lavender
Height: 5”9
Favourite Clothing: Tie-dye t-shirts and no animal products
Friends: Violet, Maizy
Hobbies: Playing the ukulele, painting, driving the Lovebus to chill new places, music festivals
Personality: So chilled that he’s almost frozen solid, artistic,
Catch Phrase: *Pulls out a note from past Mauve excusing him from activities*

Amber - Dinosaur Hunter by AmphyRainbows
Name: Amber
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Hair Colour/Style: Ginger pigtails
Eye Colour: Hazel
Height: 5”
Favourite Clothing: Dungarees and socks
Family: Maizy (Older Sister)
Friends: Cocoa, Sunny, Violet, Jade
Hobbies: Dinosaurs, soft toy collecting, partaking in Maizy’s dangerous ideas
Personality: Shy, childish, stubborn, playful
Career aspiration: Dinosaur Hunter

Noire - Rotten Girl by AmphyRainbows
Name: Noire
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair Colour/Style: Black and straight
Eye Colour: Grey
Height: 5”9
Favourite Clothing: Anything leather
Family: Cocoa (Cousin)
Friends: Jasper, Scarlett, Iris, Cyan, Maroon
Hobbies: Riding her motorbike, smoking, drinking, listening to heavy metal music, getting tattoos, stalking Jasper
Personality: Cold, cool under pressure, intelligent, intimidating, strong, has eyes only for Jasper
Complete infatuation: Jasper

Jasper by AmphyRainbows
Name: Jasper
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Hair Colour/Style: Dark brown, shaggy
Eye Colour: Dark brown
Height: 6”1
Favourite Clothing: Band hoodies
Friends: Sunny, Maizy, Jade, Violet, Iris, Scarlett
Hobbies: Drinking, smoking, not giving a fuck, Star Wars, following Sunny around
Personality: Chilled out, easily bribed, doesn’t care much for people’s feelings, obsessed with conspiracy theories, terrified of Noire… Well, most women, really. But Noire especially.
Crush: Doesn’t have time for stupid things like that.

Iris - Ice Queen by AmphyRainbows
Name: Iris
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair Colour: Changes frequently with her mood
Eye Colour: Blue
Height: 5”4
Favourite Clothing: Tiara and Stripy legwear
Friends: Cyan, Maroon, Pastel, Candy, Scarlett, Noire
Hobbies: Gossiping, rock music, shopping, taking selfies
Personality: Outgoing, snobbish, rude, demanding, impatient, insecure (It's hard to think of positive adjectives to describe this character, but hopefully you can find her horrible attitude funny and endearing~)

Cyan by AmphyRainbows
Name: Cyan
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Hair Colour/Style: Spiky black with blue highlights
Eye Colour: Blue
Height: 5”6
Favourite Clothing: Skinny jeans
Friends: Iris, Noire, Scarlett, Maroon, Candy
Hobbies: Electric guitar, break dancing, urban dance, rapping, drums, sports
Personality: Snobbish, full of himself, bad temper, attention seeker, homophobic
Sexuality: Fuck off, I’m not gay.

Candy by AmphyRainbows
Name: Candy
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair Colour: Pink
Eye Colour: Blue
Height: 5”5
Favourite Clothing: Comfy sports kit
Friends: Scarlett, Pastel, Iris, Cyan, Maroon
Hobbies: Netball, Tennis, Athletics, Soccer
Personality: Fun, bubbly, energetic, kind, generous, sweet, dipsy
Boyfriend: Maroon

Name: Pastel
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Hair Colour/Style: Blonde and stylish
Eye Colour: Pale pink
Height: 6”
Favourite Clothing: Whatever is in fashion, darling~
Friends: Scarlett, Iris, Candy, Maroon
Hobbies: Hairdressing, listening to ABBA, shopping, karaoke
Personality: Fabulous, fun, flamboyant, likes gossip, the resident agony aunt
Sexuality: Gay

Scarlett - The Talent by AmphyRainbows
Name: Scarlett
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair Colour/Style: Dark red, short and spiky
Eye Colour: Dark red
Height: 5”8
Favourite Clothing: Fashionable, chic clothes
Family: Maroon (Brother)
Friends: Pastel, Iris, Candy, Noire, Cyan
Hobbies: Fashion designing, shopping with Pastel
Personality: Strong, independent, modest, fun, sophisticated, intelligent
Career aspiration: Fashion designer, Rockstar, First woman president~
Sexuality: ???

Name: Maroon
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Hair Colour: Dark red
Eye Colour: Dark red
Favourite Clothing: A suit
Family: Scarlett (Sister)
Friends: Iris, Pastel, Cyan, Noire
Hobbies: Going to the gym, driving in his red sports car
Personality: Full of himself, Snobbish, thoughtless, jealous
Girlfriend: Candy

Cocoa by AmphyRainbows
Name: Cocoa
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Ethnicity: Japanese
Hair Colour/Style: Long and brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Height: 5”1
Favourite Clothing: Kawaii, frilly clothes
Family: Noire (Cousin)
Friends: Chesnutt the teddy, Amber
Hobbies: Watching anime, saying Japanese words, playing with her toys, being a walking steriotype
Personality: Bubbly, kawaii, secretive

Teachers(Yes, teachers happen eventually. Why can‘t I hold all these characters? But don‘t panic, they will just be fun background characters~)
Gray Dobson Remake by RetroGeekBoy
Name: Mr Greyson
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Hair Colour/style: Mousy brown, shaggy.
Eye Colour: Hazel
Height: 5"9
Favorite Clothing: Beanies and chequered clothing
Friends: Pastel, Mr Silver, Miss Crystal, Candy and Jade
Subject: Photography
Hobbies: Photography, being perverted, flirting with female students.
Personality: Weird, pervy, likes taking pictures of things, a bit socially awkward, but still manages to flirt with ALL the female students.
Sexuality: Bisexual (but only for Pastel~)

Name: Miss Crystal
Age: 26
Height: 5”7
Subject: English
Description: Miss Crystal is shy, nervous and has no social skills whatsoever. She has no idea how to control or discipline a class of students and every English lesson turns into a party, despite her useless threats.
Friends: Mr Silver, Mr Grey

Name: Mr Silver
Age: 24
Subject: Music
(I’ll fill this out when I know him better~)

Gosh darn, that took ages x3
Hopefully that clears some questions up though~
Just to confuse you, I’ll probably add stuff every now and then as characters develop~

Dem Drawings <3

Violet Guinea Pig Attack~ by xox-SuperGeekBoy-xox Yellow Mellow and Ambers Bambers~ XD by xox-SuperGeekBoy-xox Whats Noire thinking? by xox-SuperGeekBoy-xoxMy books are my NUMBER ONE love~ by xox-SuperGeekBoy-xox Pumpin Iron by xox-SuperGeekBoy-xox OMG My new make over girls! by xox-SuperGeekBoy-xox Ice cold bitch by xox-SuperGeekBoy-xoxJasper and Cyan Water Coloured :3 by xox-SuperGeekBoy-xox
Cartoons of my OCs Violet, Maizy, Amber, Noire, Jade, Candy, Iris, Cyan and Jasper~! I love ma lyfe :meow:
Also kawaiiiii comics from the story :heart:
Ironic huh? by xox-SuperGeekBoy-xox Owie my drawing... by xox-SuperGeekBoy-xox Help Meh! by xox-SuperGeekBoy-xox Fan Service... by xox-SuperGeekBoy-xox Magical talking bush [Important message] by xox-SuperGeekBoy-xox Halloween costume dilemma by xox-SuperGeekBoy-xox Art malfunction by xox-SuperGeekBoy-xox The mood Killer by xox-SuperGeekBoy-xox The Drunken Mistake/The prettiest witch by xox-SuperGeekBoy-xox A big misunderstanding by xox-SuperGeekBoy-xox
Check out his page :heart:


I love Sloths by WishmasterAlchemistI love Sloths by WishmasterAlchemistI love Sloths by WishmasterAlchemist
-Sloth Stamp- by PurplePeepBits-Sloth Stamp- by PurplePeepBits-Sloth Stamp- by PurplePeepBits
Sloths Stamp by wick-ySloths Stamp by wick-ySloths Stamp by wick-y

I love Sloths by WishmasterAlchemistSloths Stamp by wick-y-Sloth Stamp- by PurplePeepBits

Ivan the Russian Sloth says "Allo."

I liek Games

I also like custom boxes~
So I'm a bit of a gamer...
Thats why I never post anything~
I thought I'd write a little list of all the games I play~

Nintendo DS/3DS (My favourite console~)
Pokemon X/Y! :heart:
Pokemon Black/Pokemon Black 2
Pokemon Pearl
Pokemon HeartGold
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Blue Rescue Team (Did anyone else cry at the end? Oh, my feels.)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Explorers of Time
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Gates to Infinity
Pokemon Ranger - Guardian Signs
Pokemon Link
(I like Pokemon, okay?)
Sims 2
Ace Attorney
Professor Layton

Xbox 360
Left for Dead 2
Halo Reach
Saints Row The Third
Saints Row IV
Portal/Portal 2
Soulcalibur IV
Soulcalibur V
Hitman: Absolution
Street Fighter IV

The Sims 2 (I forking love The Sims... :heart:)
The Sims 3 (Still getting used to this gameplay. OMG DIAGONAL FURNITURE.)
Pokemon XD (On my emulator~)
Death Note: Poisoned (It IS a real game, 'kay?)
Diez (1. Yes, I count Dating Sims as games. 2. lolsurprisehermaphrodites)

Gameboy Colour/Gameboy Advance
Pokemon Gold (My childhood in a game)
Pokemon Red/Blue
Pokemon Yellow
Pokemon Ruby/Emerald

Playstation/Playstation 2 (My Childhood)
Spyro 2 - Gateway to Glimmer
Spyro 3 - Year of the Dragon
Spyro - Enter the Dragonfly
(Darn it, I just love the old Spyro games)
Hogs of War (Anyone ever play that? I loved that game...)
Soulcalibur II, III (Missed the first one like a baus)
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (A surprisingly fun game)
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Fun on multiplayer cuz you can levitate boulders at each others heads)
That first Digimon game where all my Patamon ever does is shit everywhere)
Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped
Rollercoaster World
Sims 2 (Yes, I have this on every platform, what of it?)
Area 51 (I had the gun and everything)
Bubble Bobble
Tekken/Tekken 3
Porsche Challenge
Gex: Deep Cover Geko (lol dat game)
Wipeout (FFUUUU- That game is impossibru)
Micro Machines V3 (Double FFUUUUUUU-)

I've probably missed loads, but thats all I can think of for now~


:iconbeautiful-clothes: :iconkeiichixsatoshiftw:


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Ello dah-ling c:

My name is Lottie Anne (aka The Webbo)(I joke, nobody calls me that. But gosh be darned if I don’t push it.)

I’m 18 years old and from the UK~ I work in a clothes shop, which only fuels the clothes-shopping-addiction that I seem to have acquired. But hell, I could be addicted to worse stuff ^^ At least my addiction makes me look kawaii… Well that’s the idea, anyway.

On my page, I mainly do cosplay and portraits, but I also do the some tights pictures due to popular demand ^^
Oh yeah, and I post my creative writing, but I don’t think anybody actually reads that… ;-;

I’m actually hella shy IRL. I still dress like a rainbow stripper (a bus driver actually called me that the other day… Fml~), but I was definitely born without the small-talk gene. Unless you come into ma shop, then I be like: “Would you like a loyalty card? It’s a points card like a- Please- Please? Loyalty ca- Take oneeee!” c’:

I love anime and games. My favourite anime is Death Note and my favourite game is Pokémon, but I’ve made full lists of my favourites somewhere on my page because… I dunnah, why not~

My favourite Pokémon is Ampharos (I bet you’d never have guessed that~), followed by Stunfisk (because it is clearly superior to all other Pokémon) and… I don’t know anymore, I like all of them… (Except Electrode, that one bothers me.)
I know you didn’t ask for that information, but… Shaddap, it might come in useful one day.

I enjoy yaoi, Pokémon, food, clothes, sloths, plushies, sloth plushies, trying to convince people that my music taste is good, Pokémon, telling my guinea pig to shut up, yaoi and… yep, that about sums up my life~

Join ma group! :iconbeautiful-clothes:

I have a Youtube channel that I make pairing videos on~ (Mainly Pokemon, Hetalia and Death Note) So if that floats your boat, do check it out ^^…

I also have an Amazon Wish List for some reason, so if you're interested, it’s here~I don't actually expect anyone to buy me stuff...…

:iconkeiichixsatoshiftw: <-My Higorashi group <3

I love all of my watchers!! :heart:

And thanks to mr-tiaa :iconmr-tiaa: for my icon!

Flag Counter

Hetalia! What Country Are You?
Hetalia! What Country Are You?
Hosted By Anime
F*CK YEAH, I got my own country~
Or at least my drunk self did.

I was drunk when I took this quiz.

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 16, 2014, 12:08 PM

Guise. Guise!

So yesterday I did my first cosplay collab in aaaages with my friend, Sarah :D
You are probably aware that she's never been in any of my DA photos before (nor does she have her own account), but make sure you give her lots of love~ :meow:

I've only uploaded one of our photos so far, but there will be more to come ^^
Chibi Romano and Eevee by AmphyRainbows
We also did two Aurora High shoots, which I'll be uploading some point this week or next :D
One is Candy (Me) and Jade (Sarah), then the other is Noire (Sarah) and Iris (Me)~ So be looking forward to them :D
We're thinking of making our collabs a thing for over the Summer, which is exciting ^^ 
We're thinking of a Maizy and Violet one next time~ 

Aaaaaalso, something amazing arrived through my door yesterday morning~ :meow:
This guy... is the cat's pyjamas. He is the knees... Of the bees.
A deviant called ScopeLense has made me hand-painted Pokemon shoes :meow:
Pokemon by ScopeLense
Aren't they just the coolest thing?!
I'll be posting some pictures of me wearing them soon ^-^ (I'm thinking new Pokemon-themed DeviantID :3)

Ooh, another thing~
As you may know, I've been writing my novel (Clockwork) for a while and Aurora High has been on hiatus. 
Well I decided that my muse works on a seasonal basis, so now that it's summer again, I'm back in an AH mood :meow: Clockwork can wait until Autumn~
So I wrote chapter 23 of Aurora High last night and I'll be posting that soon :D
Wooo, AH is back on!~ :dance:

One last thing :meow:
I also decided that I'm gonna learn to sew. The ultimate goal is to be able to make plushes, because I love me a good Pokemon plush, but for now it's going to be simple things like plush tomatoes for my Romano cosplay x3
I'll still post some pictures of the simple stuff that I achieve because even if it's bad, I'm gonna be smug about my ever expanding skill set~ ;3
But srsly, it's probably gonna be a disaster, we don't have high expectations for this escapade...

Well that's my rambling done~ :meow:
I love ya, my watchers! :heart:

Art & CSS by chibiphlosion
  • Mood: Euphoric
  • Listening to: Save Rock and Roll (Fall Out Boy's new album~)
  • Watching: Sewing tutorials (So I'm, like, an expert now...)
  • Playing: Animal Crossing... Oh god, I'm addicted c:
  • Eating: Yaoi.
  • Drinking: Yaoi.


AmphyRainbows has started a donation pool!
830 / 1,000
I'm not really doing requests at the moment, sorry~ ^^;
But feel free to ask for things, because if I think it's a fun idea, I might do it anyway ^^

Point Commissions
I'm not reeeally doing these either unless it's a fun idea/you're offering hella loads of points. I just find it hard to motivate myself in this hot weather to do too many photos at once ^^;

I've never actually taken real money for anything on here, so I wouldn't be sure how to go about it~ But if you did want to spend real money, then I do have an Amazon Wishlist. I'll leave a link at the bottom~

Thank you for reading~ :heart:…

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Kewl People~

My BFFL. The Sam to my Eric: F*ck yea, Lord of the Flies reference.
My other BFF, Callum~ (He writes Aurora High with me~)
Awesome person that I met through DA that draws cute pictures~ :heart:
Other cool people :heart::
:iconcarpenoctemphoto:~Dat premium membership :huggle:
Bought things from my wishlist: :icononionomfgplz: :heart:
Other kewl people:If you feel like you belong here and I miss you out, just be like ay, gurl. Put me on yo list.

I love all of my watchers like they are Pokemon in real life. :heart: And Thank you to anyone who comments/watches my things~ :glomp:

The Ships I Sail and Animes I Watch~

A little list of my favourite animes: :typerhappy:
Death Note
Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi
Kanon and Clannad
Junjou Romantica
Higurashi and Umineko No Naku Koro Ni
Elfen Lied
Maid Sama
Vampire Knight
Lovely Complex
Pokemon (Although I prefer the manga and games to the anime)


Checkmateshipping (Cheren X Touko )
Ferriswheelshipping (N X Touko)
Isshushiping (N X Touya)
Moonringshipping (Mei/Rosa X Colress/Achroma) Like ALL the obscure pairings~
Pokeshipping (Ash X Misty) What kind of Pokemon fan DOESN'T ship this?
Originalshipping (Red X Blue/Green? I don't f*ckin' know...)
Palletshipping (Ash X Gary)
Preciousmetalshipping (Gold X Silver)
Absintheshipping (Grimsley X Burgh)
Darkcastleshipping (Grimsley X Caitlin)
Airplaneshipping (Elesa X Skyla)
Dreamyhairshipping (Colress X Fennel)
Not gonna lie, there were others on this list but I removed them to lower the cringe levels.

Death note
Matt X Mello (Still my OTP~ :iconloveloveplz: )
Mello X Near
L X Light
BB X A (Obscure, but I have my reasons...)
Near X Gevanni
Aizawa X Ide (for the lolz. They dated in college and Ide just never got over it)

Spain X Romano (Spamano - My hetalia OTP :heart:)
Italy X Germany/Chibitalia X Holy Rome (GerIta)
America X Russia (Cold war angst, anyone?)
Ukraine X Canada (Kawaiiiii~)
France X Britain (FrUk) (I feel un-patriotic for liking this pairing, but it's funny, non?)
Britain X Japan (Did you ever see a prettier pairing? Plus Iggy finally gets to be a seme..)
Austria X Hungary (They are married, after all~)
Sweeden X Finland (lol)
China X North Korea (We felt like China was lacking someone for us to pair him with)
Japan X Greece (They bond over cats~)
2p!USUK (I don't ship normal USUK, but due to complicated head-canons, I like the 2p pairing~)

Battler X Beatrice ~ Umineko
Jessica X Kanon/Shannon X Geaorge ~ Umineko
Mion X Keiichi ~ Higurashi
Keiichi X Satoshi ~ Higurashi (I have made a fan group dedicated to this pairing. I understand that it wont get much business, but there was a gap in the market~)

Other Fandoms
All the pairings from Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi :love:
Hiroki X Nowaki (Junjou Egoist) ~ Junjou Romantica
Misaki X Usui ~ Maid Sama
Kanou X Yukimura ~ Maid Sama
Taichi X Yamato ~ Digimon
Sumika X Kazama ~ Sasameki Koto
Yuki x Zero ~ Vampire Knight
Snape X Lily ~ Harry Potter
Draco X Harry ~ Harry Potter
Nagisa X Tomoya ~ Clannad


I was watching Saw: The Final Chapter and do you know what I thought? I thought '... Ew, that's f*cking gross.' I also thought 'Shit son, I need an FAQ!'
So hear goes.

Do you take requests?
No~ But I do like to hear what you would like to see because then when I'm thinking of what to do, I can make it suited to you more :meow:

Do you have Skype/Facebook/IM of any kind?
Nope, DA is the only website I really use ^^;

Do you have a boyfriend?
Yees~ :iconblshplz:

Will you do nude photos?
Nooo, 'fraid not~ ^^;

Are you interested in webcam modeling?

Do you have an Amazon wishlist?
Yes, there's a link in my Bio~

You wishlist link takes me to the Amazon homepage.
That's not a question, silly.
...Oh but yeah. Typing "AmphyRainbows" into the searchy-thingy should do the trick~…

What is your natural hair like? You have too many wigs >.>
My hair is naturally ginger, but it is currently brown. I use my natural hair in this photo~
That wig is stupid. Oh, it's your actual hair? Ohh by AmphyRainbows

Why do you do the same pose in nearly every picture?
Because 1. My tripod only takes landscape pictures as it is really meant for a telescope. Laying on my bed is the best way to get all of me in~ 2. My bed has the best lighting in my whole house and is the nicest/most colourful background.

I am in a chaotic spiral of disorganization. People note/comment, I forget to reply, more people note/comment, I postpone replying, even more people note/comment, I am so overwhelmed with the amount of notes/comments that I have to reply to that I just don't reply to any of them...
I do read everything that people note/comment, but when it comes to replying I don't really know where to start ^^;

What's the deal with the yaoi obsession?
:iconloveloveplz:... Hmm, what was that? Sorry, I was thinking about yaoi.

Yes, sloths.


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Cozitoes 1 day ago  New member Professional Traditional Artist
I'm in love 💖
= Fight alongside you
= Respect you
= Involve you
= Encourage you
= Deserve you
= Save you
Send this to all your friends & me if I'm one......If you get 4 back you are liked but if you get 7 back then you are seriously loved.)
You are amazing!
RetroGeekBoy Feb 26, 2014  Student Artist
Thankies for dose faves!!! :3
bartdevries Feb 20, 2014  New member
EXTREMELY beautiful girl!!!
Where are you?

you haven't posted in a while - we miss you! <3
GrandMasterNeko Jan 17, 2014  Student Filmographer
*Neko hug*
My-Sword-is-Bigger Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

Hello! As you're a writer, I thought you might be interested. I just made this new group Try-Your-Page and it's where you post the first page (or any excerpt) of a story/novel and see if others would turn the page. Please join if you're looking for critique or just something to read. :)

Here, have a cookie for my bothering you:
taichi90bsmtfa Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I love your pictures!

you are sexy!
RetroGeekBoy Dec 17, 2013  Student Artist
Thankies for that amazing fave of amazingness :3 hehe
RetroGeekBoy Nov 23, 2013  Student Artist
Thankies for that amazing fave of amazingness! :3
Buddylicious Nov 21, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
mysts Nov 19, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Nice gallery and I gotta say... LUV the TIGHTS ;)
BodyCom Nov 14, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Love the style, the look... very cool :thumbsup::)
ThatDerpyPony Nov 11, 2013  Student Digital Artist
your awesome bro! :D
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